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As we continue to be watchful and careful through this Covid pandemic we will be opening for private prayer each Wednesday from 12 noon to 1pm   

Those who have an immediate need to visit the Church at other times to those suggested should contact the Vicar who will happily make the necessary arrangements. (714442) 

Weddings Funerals and Baptisms are now possible in Church at the moment but a limited family group can be present.  

The Church is open for Church Services each Sunday at 11am 

The Church continues to operate within the community. If you need help do get in touch. 

A Recorded Church Service is available on line each week.  

A Live Service called ‘Upper Room’ streams at 6pm each Sunday. 

These are also Morning Prayer Services in the Quintet of Churches Details available from Nigel or Linda on 714442 or via email: 

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