Church Lending Library

Church Lending Library

What is it?

The Lending Library is a collection of Christian books and DVDs that members of the church in Westoning have enjoyed and/or found particularly helpful and want to share with others.  All the books/DVDs have been donated by church members – many are current and recent releases.

Who is it for?

EVERYONE!  Anyone, whether a regular church-goer or not, is very welcome to borrow from the collection.

What sort of books/DVDs are there?

There are books/DVDs on many aspects of Christian life:

BIOGRAPHY/HISTORY – inspiring books about real-life experiences

CHRISTIAN BELIEF – what Christians believe and some answers to some difficult questions

DEVOTIONAL – readings to help you in your daily walk of faith

DISCIPLESHIP/LIVING THE CHRISTIAN LIFE – how to put your faith into practice

NOVELS –fiction with a powerful Christian message, many based on Christian characters

PRAYER – some help with your prayer-life

THE  BIBLE/ COMMENTARIES – help with reading the Bible and/or specific books of the Bible

THE NATURE OF GOD – what is He like?

For the list of books available click here


Where is it?

The books are permanently available from the book stand at the back of the Church on the right hand side.

How do I borrow a book/DVD?

Simply choose your book/DVD and then fill in the exercise  book with your name, item borrowed and date.  There is no limit to the length of time you can keep the book – though we would ask you to return your book within 2 months so others can read it. Please could you return DVDs within 1 month.

 How do I return a book/DVD?

Return the item on the bottom shelf of the book stand and initial your entry in the lending library exercise book and return date.

Can I ask for a book to be reserved?

Yes.  Please contact Eileen Scott either in church or email

If you wish to donate a book/DVD please pass on to Eileen. 


Please note that as we currently only have 2 shelves for our books and DVDs – some items will be removed

temporarily whilst new ones are added.

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