Westoning Church Protocols


We look to keep you safe when you attend worship at St Mary Magdalene Church, Westoning and we are indebted to the team that has done risk assessments, sanitised the building and planned the seating arrangements during these uncertain days.

Moving forward we shall continue to be a safe church and to that end we shall maintain protocols which have been in place for the last 16 months, even though certain legal requirements have been dropped by the government.


1. Everyone is welcome to come to church. Booking is now not necessary, but it is possible by using the website. Just come and worship and invite others. A record of those attending will continue to be made in case we need to track and trace.

2. We would expect and recommend people to continue wearing masks in the building, for their safety and in respect for others.

3. Individuals and groups can choose where they sit in church but please continue to observe appropriate social distancing. It is particularly important that consideration is given to others who may prefer some space. Some may prefer to sit to the sides.

4. Singing will not resume yet but this will be reviewed as the summer unfolds. We are hoping to hold some services outside when singing loudly will be encouraged. 

5. Communion will be brought to the congregation but this method will be reviewed through the summer.