Sunday 6th December

Hello everyone

Please see below the link to this week's recorded service which has been kindly produced by the Quintet Readers Robert, Jon and Stephen this week.  I hope you enjoy it.  I have attached the service sheet and this week's reading sheet to accompany the service.

The Advent 2 service is now on the St. Mary's Harlington website and is accessible though the usual link

This Sunday we are delighted to be able to return to worship together in our churches (post-lockdown) and will meet for the following services tomorrow:

Harlington Church 

8am BCP Holy Communion

9.30am Service of the Word (no Communion)

Chalgrave Church

9.30am Holy Communion

Westoning Church

10am Family Service

Toddington Church

11.15am Holy Communion

The Upper Room zoom service at 6pm continues the theme of Advent.  You are very welcome to attend any of our services across the Quintet.

Services and events this week:

Monday 9.30am Morning Prayer at Toddington church 

Tuesday 9.30am Morning Prayer by Zoom (link to be issued later)

Tuesday Youth Group service Tuesday , Toddington Church (more details from Linda or Rebecca)

Tuesday 7.30pm Quintet Advent Course (by zoom).. please let Nigel know if you would like to join.

Wednesday 10am Harlington Church Morning service (with Communion)

Thursday Youth Club service Westoning Church (more information from Nigel or Rebecca)

Friday Messy Church family Christmas service 11th 3.45pm, Toddington Church (more information from Linda or Rebecca)

Private Prayer arrangements

Westoning Church12 noon on Wednesday for an hour

Toddington Church 10.30am on Thursday

Chalgrave Church - Please contact Linda if you would like to visit the church for Private Prayer 

Harlington Church- Please contact Nigel, Linda or Tricia if you would like to visit the church for Private Prayer

Zoom Afternoon Teas:

Toddington Wednesday at 4pm

Westoning and Harlington tbc

Printed Christmas cards have now been received ready for distribution within the parishes.  You may already have received one in Westoning, Harlington and Tingrith and we thank everyone who has helped to distribute them. 

Toddington and Chalgrave Church's Christmas Cards will be issued this week. If you have time to deliver to a street or two please let Linda or Dee know for Toddington and Linda for Chalgrave.

Thinking of you all.

with good wishes

 Linda and Nigel