Sunday 20th December

Dear All

Following the announcement that Bedfordshire is now in Tier 4 ..we are reviewing our plans. Please check the websites for news of whether services are taking place.

Our Sunday services today are:

Chalgrave we will meet at 9.30am for an informal service also with the reading of lessons and listening to carols

Harlington will have a non-communion service this Sunday at 9.30am

Westoning will have a non-communion service this Sunday at 11am

Tingrith will have an outdoor nativity service at 3pm (There is no space to attend this service)

We will review plans for future services this week in line with any further information to be released by the Government and the Church of England. In the meantime, the important thing for each of us is to stay safe and act responsibly towards others to minimise the spread of this infection.

Thank you all for your understanding.

I am pleased to release to you the link for this Sunday's recorded service:

This evening's Zoom Upper Room service takes place at 7pm . Please note the changed time. Please ask for the link. 

A wonderful bonus this week is the recorded Quintet Lessons and Carols service recorded by Nicholas with members of the Quintet Choir and with contributions from Tingrith Choir, plus readers from the Quintet.  

Lessons and Carols Service Link

You will be able to watch this in the safety and security of your own homes.  Enjoy!  And thank you so much to Nicholas and to everyone involved in compiling this and the Family Carols service which will be released later this week.  The service sheet for the Quintet lessons and Carols is attached above.

This week we will also issue a link to the Diocesan Nativity play.

In the meantime, please keep safe and we pray for your good health and for God's protection over you all as you adjust to the changes and disappointments of not being able to see family and friends this week.  Do give us a ring if you wish to chat.

God bless

Linda and Nigel