9th January 2022

Hello Everyone

We hope you have had a reasonable week and are keeping Covid-free.  The infection rates in our areas are particularly high at present, so do please keep safe.  There will be a supply of lateral flow tests available in the churches, if you need a box.

This week I enjoyed going back into St George's Lower school to take an assembly and Nigel and I are beginning to 'Rev' up again but both of us have been feeling exceptionally tired post-Christmas, as I suspect many of you are too. I always find January a difficult month with the lack of sunlight and cold, dark days.. but already we are noticing that the days are getting longer which is so encouraging.  As I drove the other morning appreciating the sunshine and sunlight, I praised God for the beautiful scenery in the fields alongside. I also love lighting candles in the fireplace which flicker and glow alongside a log fire - so comforting. 

 I wonder which day you removed your Christmas decorations? Was it by Wednesday last week the twelfth night before Epiphany started on Thursday.. or a long time before?  I always cling to the last moment enjoying the twinkling lights in the darkness... but all is now clear, and we move forward further into the new year.

Last Sunday we celebrated Epiphany in church and the Wise Men ( or the Kings) were placed into the crib as they arrived to visit baby Jesus. This Sunday we continue further into the Epiphany season, on a journey of realisation of Jesus, as he grows into His ministry as the Son of God.  We remember this week the baptism of Jesus' by John the Baptism and alongside the people of Israel we too can have expectation in our hearts as we enter this new year, anticipating emergence from Covid and a new year, with new promise.    May the Light of Christ lead you on your way!

This Sunday's Services are:

Chalgrave Church Holy Communion Service 9.30am - Linda

Harlington Church - Family Breakfast club - 9am Parish Rooms - Rebecca

Harlington Church - Holy Communion Service 9.30am - Nigel, with Robert

Tingrith Church - No service this week

Toddington Church - Holy Communion Service 11am - Linda

Westoning Church - Holy Communion Service 11am - Nigel

No Upper Room this week.  We recommence next Sunday

Next week's services and events:


Morning Prayer, Toddington Church, 9.30am


Knitting Group, Wilkinson Hall, Toddington, 10.30am to 12

Westcaf, at Westoning Village Hall 10-12noon

Sewing Bees at Westoning Village Hall 1-3pm


Morning Service 10am Harlington Church


Afternoon with Friends, Wilkinson Hall, Toddington, 2-4pm


Art/painting group, Wilkinson Hall, Toddington 2.4pm

Little Stars, Westoning Church 1.15-2.45pm

Friday Fellowship, Westoning Village Hall, 2-4pm

Youth Club, Westoning Village Hall - after school - Link with Rebecca for more information.


Coffee Morning, Wilkinson Hall, Toddington 10-12 noon

Sadly, January Messy Church could not take place this month at Toddington, but we very much look forward to getting together again on Friday 4th February, 3.15 to 5.30pm.  I'm very sorry for any disappointment caused.

Rebecca will be in touch about future plans for Toddington Youth group.  We are looking to meet up in February.

Please hold in your prayers those who are sick and those who are isolated or bereaved.

We hold you all in our thoughts and prayers. Do get in touch with us if you would like a chat, a visit or a prayer.

God bless

Linda and Nigel