7th February 2021

Hello everyone

We hope you have had a good week.  Weatherwise, it has been a grey week but the few bursts of sunshine have been so restorative and uplifting. Today we spotted a carpet of snowdrops, with primroses interspersed.. so beautiful. There are encouraging signs that Spring is approaching with birds singing from the trees and different varieties of spring flowers emerging; then there was the wonderful rainbow which arched over each of the villages this week.  There were some amazing pictures of Harlington, Toddington and Flitwick on Facebook and of some wonderful double rainbows. It reminds us of God's covenant promise - a sign of hope.  There have also been encouraging signs this week with Covid infection rates starting to decline, vaccinations on course and numbers of admissions to hospital starting to reduce, at last.  Our hearts go out to those who have died and to those who grieve their loss. We especially remember Captain Tom and his family, and Jim Rose of Harlington Church who died today.

Our services this Sunday 7th February 2021

  • Harlington Church morning worship at 9.30am Sunday 7th February in church (Social Distancing guidelines to be followed)
  • online Quintet Morning service at 11am on Zoom, with readers from different Quintet Churches.  All Welcome.  Please ask for Zoom details
  • The Upper Room at 6pm - Please ask for Zoom details

Services this week:

  • Morning Prayer Monday 9.30am by zoom - Please ask for Zoom details
  • Morning Prayer Tuesday 9.30am by zoom - Please ask for Zoom details
  • Morning Prayer Wednesday 9.30am by zoom - Please ask for Zoom details
  • Harlington Church Morning Worship 10.30am by Zoom - Please ask for Zoom details
  • Toddington Church Private Prayer on Thursday between 10.30am and 11.30am
  • Compline 9pm Thursday evening by zoom - Please ask for Zoom details

Prayers for the Nation Monday 6pm Please ask for Zoom details

Daily prayers are available online.  Please let us know if you would like more information.

Afternoon Tea this week:

Westoning Church 3.45pm Wednesday  Please ask for Zoom details

Toddington Church and Chalgrave Church 4pm on Wednesday. Please ask for Zoom details

Harlington Church 4pm on Thursday   Please ask for Zoom details

If you have trouble accessing any zoom gathering please ring Linda or Nigel on 01525 714442 or 07715 603557

Please remember Barbara Donaldson in your prayers this week.  If you would like information about Jim's funeral please contact Tricia for details.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. May you have a good week with blessed, special moments.

God bless

Linda and Nigel