4th April 2021

Hello Everyone

We look forward to welcoming you to an Easter Day service in church tomorrow.  The churches have been decorated with Lilies and flowers, in memory of loved ones.  Some churches may also have an Easter Garden to remind us that on Easter Sunday, when the ladies went to visit Jesus' tomb, it was empty.  Jesus' body was not there.  We thank God on Easter Sunday for the Resurrection of Jesus and for his tremendous outpouring of love for us all.

Each church will be offering an Easter Communion Service (the first since lockdown in December!) and we will remember Jesus' last meal with his disciples and the importance of being Christ's family..the body of Christ. 

Easter Day Service times are:

Harlington Church 8am Holy Communion Service - Book of Common Prayer

Harlington Church 9.30am Holy Communion Service (Common Worship Liturgy) (Booking advisable via the church website)

Chalgrave Church 9.30am Easter Holy Communion Service

Westoning Church 11am Easter Holy Communion Service (Service bookings full - but you will be welcome to attend one of the other churches)

Toddington Church 11am Easter Holy Communion Service

Tingrith Church 3pm Easter Holy Communion Service

The Upper Room online service please ask for Zoom details

The Easter Day Recorded Service is accessible through the usual link and through the church websites and Facebook pages and is available to be viewed during the following week.


Please also remember the Easter Trails which are available at Toddington, Harlington and Westoning (information sent out earlier in the week).

We send you our love and prayers and hope that you are enjoying being released into the fresh air, now able to meet with family and friends outdoors.  

Happy Easter!  Christ is Risen.. he is risen indeed, Alleluia

with blessings to you all

Linda and Nigel