30th January 2022

Hello Everyone

How are you all?  We hope you have had a good week. 

We are being drawn strangely into two different ways.. moving forward into the hope and anticipation of Spring with bulbs starting to peep up through the soil, birds singing in the trees, longer days of daylight and a sense of release and encouragement to get out and enjoy the countryside and fresh air but alongside this we are facing the reality of past weeks of cancelled, or postponed, appointments due to high local Covid infections.  The past 3 weeks have begun with full diaries which have then seen unexpected changes.  Last week Linda was pinged by the NHS for being in contact with someone locally. This had a knock on effect on needing to withdraw from a long awaited home communion, from pastoral visits, go back on zoom for meetings, and under NHS advice, although taking clear lateral flow tests each day, still advised to avoid contact with the vulnerable and to avoid public gatherings. Advice she followed to protect others.  

Despite the lifting of plan B regulations which required us all to wear masks, we continue to ask you to please wear masks in church and at church social gatherings (eg Wilkinson Hall) to protect yourselves and others. Being pinged for a week was a stark reminder of how much of our weekly ministry is restricted if we are at risk. Thank you for your support and care.

Happily, the sun is now shining, and Linda is now released from hibernation!

Sunday Services for Sunday 30th January - the Presentation of Christ at the Temple

Chalgrave 9.30am Holy Communion Service - Linda with Steve

Harlington 9.30am Holy Communion service - Nigel

Tingrith -no service this week

Westoning 11am Morning Worship - Robert

Toddington 11am Holy Communion - Linda with Steve

Upper Room 6pm Online by Zoom with theme: 'Attitude of Gratitude'

Other events and services this week:

Monday 31st January

Morning Prayer 9.30am Toddington Church

The Bible Course (session 1) 10.45am - The Rectory - led by Linda

The Bible Course (session 2) online by zoom 7.45pm - led by Linda

Tuesday 1st February

Knitting Group - 10.30- 12.30pm Wilkinson Hall

Westcaf 10-12 noon Westoning Village Hall

Sewing Bee 1-3pm Westoning Village Hall

Wednesday 2nd February

10am Morning Service Harlington Church

Church Cleaning Morning until 12.30pm - Toddington Church (offers of help to Dee please)

60 minutes with God prayer time 6pm online. Please ask Nigel for details.

Thursday 3rd February

Chalgrave Fundraising meeting group 10am

Chalgrave PCC follow on meeting 12 noon

Friday 4th February

Painting for Pleasure 10.30am Wilkinson Hall

Memorial Service at Harlington Church 12 noon - Linda

Little Stars at Westoning Church 1.15-2.45pm

Friday Fellowship at Westoning Village Hall 2-4pm

Saturday 5th February

Mens' Breakfast at The Chequers at 8.45am Speaker Nick Crago

Wedding Thanksgiving 4pm Harlington Church - Linda

We send you our very best wishes for a wonderful week.

With best wishes

Linda and Nigel