27th July 2021

Hello everyone

We have just returned from a lovely service at St Albans Abbey for the ordination of Jenna, and other ordinands, to the role of Deacon. Tomorrow Jenna commences her new role as Deacon at Priory Church within Dunstable Ministry Team and we wish her every blessing.

A sermon preached by Rev Canon Tim Bull reflected on the regular routine of our lives but how a single moment in time, a simple act or chance connection can cause a significant and unexpected change.  I wonder how your days have been this week?  Have there been any special moments?  Have your found yourself rushing about dealing with the unexpected.  Has there been an  especially fruitful moment?  Has anything happened to change the course of your day, or the course of your life? 

For the ordinands, today will be the start of a new journey with God, and as I listened intently to Tim's sermon I found myself absorbed recalling and reflecting on special moments in my life, and on the call of Jesus to follow Him. What a privilege that has been and still is. How wonderful it has been to walk the journey with you too. Each day holds a new exciting potential, the unexpected, an opportunity to share one's life story, of where Jesus turned up and of the incredible.

Hearing the call to the Deacons to be faithful in prayer and in the studying God's Word, nudges me about the importance for us all to pray together and to study the Bible together, of opportunity to explore and share our Christian faith together.  As we further unlock it will indeed be good to gather and learn together.

This Sunday' Services are as follows:

Chalgrave Church 9.30am Holy Communion Service - with organ music.  Service led by Linda

Harlington Church 9.30am Holy Communion Service - led by Nigel and Robert

Toddington Church 11am Holy Communion Service - with organ music.  Service led by Linda

Westoning Church 11am Holy Communion Service - led by Nigel and Jon

Tingrith Church 3pm, Holy Communion Service - led by Nigel, with Linda and Jon.

Upper Room at 6pm online service: with a theme of 'Healing stories'

Other services this week:

Toddington Church Monday 9.30am Morning Prayer

Toddington Church Morning Prayer by zoom 9.30am

Harlington Church Wednesday 10am Morning Service

Harlington Church PCC meeting 7.30pm in church

We wish you a wonderful week ahead.  May you have a special, God blessed moment, or a special encounter with Jesus this week

God bless