17th July 2021

Hello Everyone

What a beautiful day it is today....the sky is clear blue, the sun is high up shining brightly, and we are promised continuing good weather into next week.  Finally, Summer has arrived and how good that feels.  

This week our schools close for their Summer break, and people will head off on holiday.  We wish everyone a well deserved holiday and rest.  This will be a very welcome time for staff and students after what has been a very difficult year, for everyone, with so many changes and fluctuations.  We have all had to adapt so much and have done well to cope with the various changes and limitations and there is no doubt, it has been hard.

We are now on the verge of further changes from Monday and the essence of the latest guidelines seems to say move forward with caution, placing the emphasis on us all to behave responsibly, to look out for each other, with care.  We can meet with family and friends... but with advice to stay safe, meeting outdoors or in well ventilated rooms and to continue wearing masks in enclosed spaces.

How important it is for our own well-being and for that of others for us to get together, to share a listening ear and concern, to chat and share a laugh, a smile, a joke or two or to sit around a table over a cup of tea.  How we have missed all these things.  The sunshine today draws us forth.. thank you Lord, for the beauty of this day!

Over the next few days, Nigel and I will be meeting with our various PCC's to discuss how we move forward in church under the new guidelines.  Our instinct is to remain cautious, not rushing at change, recommending the continued use of face coverings in church until the infection rates stabilise with a mind to keep all safe. We will confirm details as Government and Church of England guidance is released and as our PCC's have chance to discuss the implications of any change but be assured, we have your wellbeing very much in our minds.

This Sunday our services are as follows:

Chalgrave Church 9.30am Morning Worship (service sheet and reading sheet attached). The service will be held outdoors in the beautiful church grounds. All Welcome, but please bring a chair, and a drink if you wish to stay and chat afterwards. Service led by Linda

Tingrith Church 9.30am Morning Prayer - led by Jon

Harlington Church 9.30am Holy Communion - led by Nigel and Chris Brown )(no refreshments to be served after the service)

Toddington Church, 11am Morning Worship (Service sheet and Reading Sheet attached) led by Linda and Steve

Westoning Church, 11am Holy Communion led by Nigel

6pm The Upper Room online service via Zoom led by Jon -  'Taking time out with God'.

Other Services and events this week:

Monday 9.30am Morning Prayer at Toddington

Monday 7.30pm Westoning PCC at Church

Tuesday 9.30am Morning Prayer by Zoom. 

Tuesday 2pm Toddington PCC at Church

Tuesday 6pm Chalgrave PCC at Church

Wednesday 10am Holy Communion service at Harlington

Wednesday 7.30pm Harlington PCC

Wednesday 7pm Dunstable Deanery Synod

This Weekend 17 and 18th July- Toddington Open Gardens Saturday 10-5pm and Sunday 1-6pm Tickets and refreshments from Wilkinson Hall.  Tickets £5 per adult. 

New Event for Wc 26th July - Harlington Church: Children's Bedtime Stories on Bury Orchard..  with milk/squash and biscuits provided. 6-7pm on Monday 26th, Tuesday 3rd August, Wednesday 11th August, Thursday 19th August, Friday 27th August, Saturday 4th September. More details from Nigel or from the church website.

We wish you a wonderful week. Enjoy the sunshine!

Sending our love and prayers

Linda and Nigel