10th January 2021

Dear all

What an eventful week it has been... we have seen unprecedented scenes in America, there has been sunshine, rain, fog and frost back home with some snow up north. Marks and Spencer have suspended Percy Pigs (and about 100 food items due to paperwork and red tape courtesy of Brexit), there is to be mass rolling out of vaccines, with another vaccine and 2 new medicines approved for the Covid fight.  We return to clap for heros on a Thursday night although are increasingly reminded of the importance to stay at home to protect the NHS which is under enormous burden at present. Many people know of someone affected by this awful infection and sadly it is a reality in our midst.  Our hearts and prayers go out to anyone who is facing the anxiety of loved ones, friends or work colleagues who are suffering, or for those who weep, and we hold you all in our thoughts and prayers. 

In this Epiphany season Christmas decorations are now down but the light will still twinkle forth in the darkness in Harlington and some homes, as many people are leaving their lights up as a sign of encouragement.  There is light and hope.. the sun is breaking through as I type. The other day, we heard the birds sing and bulbs are starting to break through the earth.  Each day is now stretching forth for a little longer.  Days are cold and crisp but there are daffodils in the shops.. always a wonderful sign that Spring is on the way.  

This week's services:

Harlington church will meet tomorrow at 9.30am for live worship in church for the Harlington community. The service will be a non-communion service but there will be hymns to listen to. 

Weekly Recorded Service this week focuses on the Baptism of Christ.  It can be accessed on the usual link: 

Epiphany 1 (Baptism of Christ) service Sunday 10 January - Harlington St. Mary's Parish Church (harlingtonchurch.org)

Quintet online morning service at 11am

With 4 of the 5 Quintet churches suspending services for a few weeks (to be reviewed weekly) and 'vulnerable' folks again being advised to shield, we thought it would be a good moment to launch an online morning service at 11am to seek to gather folks together, albeit from their homes.  This will take place on zoom for the first time tomorrow morning and has been timed to avoid the Harlington morning service so all can come.  The zoom gathering will be founded on experience from the Upper Room online service which enables us to sing in our homes, share readings, prayers, a Bible message,  and time together.  Tomorrow we will use the Lectionary Readings and consider the Baptism of Christ. Do join us if you can.  There is no pressure to take part, you can just sit back and listen. 

(Sadly, none of our churches yet have broadband facility so we cannot livestream a service from inside a church).

The Upper Room online service at 6pm will have a short focus on Epiphany but we also begin to learn about Old Testament characters.  This week Jon Denman will share a view on Adam.  There will be songs, readings, prayers, and time to reflect and share. Please ask for Zoom details.

Private Prayer

Toddington Church 10.30am Thursday morning for an hour (please dress warmly)

If you wish to have time at any of the other churches for Private Prayer please contact Linda or Nigel or the Churchwardens.

Morning Prayer by zoom - please ask for details

Monday 11th January at 9.30am. 

Tuesday 12th January at 9.30am

Wednesday 13th January at 9.30am

Harlington Wednesday 10am Morning Worship will be suspended for a couple of weeks but we are investigating other ways to stay in touch.

Events like Afternoon Tea times, Bible Study groups, and information about new opportunities to link together like 'What's App' church groups will be issued by a separate email. 

We wish you a good day today and look forward to seeing you at some stage today.  

God bless