Sunday 23rd August

Dear All,

We hope you are well and enjoying the month of August.  Sundays are now very busy across the Quintet with a series of services taking place.

Services on offer this Sunday are as follows:

Tingrith Open Air at 10.15am

Harlington Open Air at 10.15am

Chalgrave Open Air at 10.30am

Westoning Open Air at 11am

Toddington Open Air at 11.15am

The services in the open air  are dependent on good weather conditions so contingency plans for moving inside if the weather is poor have been made. 

The Zoom Upper Room Service is live at 9am. The invitation is for all to call by and listen to this 60 minute time of music scripture reflection and prayer.

The Recorded Service for this week will be issued as soon as it is available. We are grateful for Steve Farmer who has presented this week's service, Fran and Linda who have undertaken readings, Iain Grant who has edited it and Nicholas Hopton who has provided the music.

Other services this week......

Morning Prayer in the chancel in Toddington Church 9.30am on Monday 

Open Air Service at Harlington Church 10am on Wednesday

Private Prayer at Westoning Church at 12 noon on Wednesday.

Private Prayer at Chalgrave, Toddigton and Harlington Churches at 10am on Thursday

Funerals taking place this week;

Toddington Church: Tuesday 25th August at 11am, Maureen Toms

Toddington Church: Thursday 27th August at 2pm Graeme Renshaw

Westoning Church: Friday 28th August at 10.30am Michael Allen  

Please let us know if you would like a chat or support in any way.

We send you our love and prayers

Linda and Nigel