Sunday 16th August

Dear all

It has been a strange week with temperatures blazing at the beginning of the week and rain, storms and fog at the end of the week.  Our busy schedules have been varied too and on some days we have barely caught a glimpse of each other. Next week, however, we will be easing back for a few days breather.. catching up on a few days off to rest and looking to have some time to reflect and plan as we move forward within the churches.

Our recorded service has been compiled by Iain from Toddington this week.. and huge thanks go to him for his time...(and also for his time trying to save Linda's crashed computer this week.. which has sadly died because the hard drive is worn out!).  It feels strangely symbolic.  Years of information stored from family, church, and work over the years.. suddenly inaccessible and potentially lost.  Just a little stressful!  But we give thanks for the skills and willingness of folk to help.. and hopefully Linda's files have been recovered even though her computer has had enough!

The link to the recorded service this week runs from our new St George of England, Toddington You Tube link:      (Hold down the command button and click with the computer mouse and it should take you to the service).  This week there are less slides with the text so please watch with the attached service sheet alongside if you prefer to read the text. 

This week our churches will hold outdoor services (but each church will have an option to move into the church building if there is heavy rain).

Harlington Church 10.15am Outdoor service (Service sheets will be provided)

Chalgrave 10.30am Outdoor service. Please bring a chair and a copy of the Chalgrave service sheet.

Westoning Church 11am Outdoor service (service sheets provided)

Toddington Church 11.15am Outdoor service (service sheets available or bring last week's)

Wednesday Morning: Harlington Church 10am Outdoor service

Tingrith Church will meet next Sunday at 10.15am for an open air service.

Toddington Church Morning Prayer: Monday 9.30am 

There will be no zoom mid-week gatherings this week.  

We will issue shortly the dates for each church's Annual Parochial Church Meetings which could not take place in April due to church closures but now need to take place by 31st October. 

We wish you a very blessed week and look forward to seeing you soon.

God bless