Service with a Smile


We hope you are all well and doing okay. We hope too that home schooling and changes to work and home patterns are not proving too challenging.

It is Palm Sunday tomorrow and as we think about Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem and the crowd’s excitement here are some resources for you to help with celebrations. 

Activity Pack

Activity Pack School Year 2

Activity Pack School Years 3 & 4

Activity Pack School Years 5 & 6

This was the beginning of Jesus’ journey to the cross where he would reveal the extent of his love for each of us.

Although we are not able to meet in church currently, you are in our prayers and if you need any help, whether practical or an ear to listen, then please do get in touch.

Every Blessing from the SWAS team



Revd Nigel Washington (01525 714442)

Jenna Dearden (07811 218565)