Dear all

We hope you have had a good week and are keeping well?  We managed to get away for a few days off this week but it is good to be back with you again.  We are currently working towards the opening of the churches for Public worship but part of this process will depend on your feedback.  We know that some people are very keen to have opportunity to return to meet in the churches, but others feel more cautious and so we are looking at creative ways to meet the needs of our congregations and the community.  From this week each church will be open for at least one occasion for private prayer – see the days and times below:

  • Toddington - Mondays 12 noon to 2pm and Fridays 10-12 noon
  • Chalgrave - Thursdays 11am to 12 noon
  • Harlington – Sundays 2-3pm and Thursdays 10-11am
  • Westoning – Wednesdays 12 noon to 1pm and Saturdays 2-3pm
  • Tingrith – Sundays 11-12noon

The wearing of a face covering is encouraged but not compulsory.  Other social distancing measures will also be in place.

Weekly services will continue online with:

  • The weekly ‘Upper Room’ zoom worship service on Sunday at 9am (please ask Linda or Nigel for the access link)
  • Weekly pre-recorded service released on the Church web-sites or on the church Facebook pages and where possible on the church A Church Near You pages, or by link circulated by email.
  • Service sheets will continue to be distributed to anyone who cannot access the internet.  Please confirm that you would like to continue to receive these. 

Outdoor worship: Under current Covid-19 guidelines we are able to meet in the church grounds for worship gatherings and prayer and this provides a welcome opportunity for us to gather, socially distanced, safe in the fresh air.  People who have been safeguarding for months alone have been able to venture out to meet up with their friends and church family, and it offers (weather permitting) a special opportunity for us to meet, share and pray together.  With the success of experimental gatherings at Harlington and Chalgrave churches we will now look at the viability of offering something similar at the other churches.

  • Harlington church Wednesday morning group will meet for an informal gathering in the church grounds on Wednesday at 10am and we will also be investigating if anyone would like to meet on a Sunday too.
  • Chalgrave Church members are invited to bring their own chair and join us for an informal, socially distanced  Sunday morning worship gathering in the church grounds at 10.30am on Sunday.  A few of us have gathered and trialled this and it has been a lovely time together sharing Bible readings, prayer, and worship music.. in a beautiful surrounding.

We will be seeking to return to our churches for more formal public worship services.  In the meantime, do please get in touch with us, to offer your thoughts and preferences about public worship services in church, and also please do let us know your anxieties and concerns too so we get a full picture of how to move forward.

Financial Giving - the church is alive even though the doors are not always open.  

With the complications of church closure have also come the complexities of how church continues to be active in these challenging times, and with this one practical issue faced by people has been how to contribute financially to the church to support its work and outreach, when the church doors are closed.  If this is a problem for you and if by chance you would like to make a donation to your local church you may be interested to know that both Toddington and Harlington Churches now have a donate button on their websites (Toddington's is under donations and fundraising and Harlington's on the front page). Toddington also has a donate button on its A Church Near You page.

Some people may already give under a regular monthly giving scheme for which we thank you. It is so helpful.  If you would like to join such a scheme do please let us know and we can refer you to someone from your respective church to guide you through this process.  

For anyone who wishes to receive envelopes to make cash or cheque payments, please do get in touch and someone can deliver a supply of envelopes to you.  

And, as we move forward with the times, Toddington, Harlington and Westoning Churches now also have card reader facilities. 

If you have any fundraising ideas or creative ideas about how we can better connect with you and the communities that we serve, do please link with us to pass on your ideas or reflections.   You can help us by being the ears and eyes of Jesus in the community - please stay in touch and update us.  And please don’t hesitate to contact us if you, or someone you know, needs some support or a chat.

With our love and care

Linda and Nigel 

Contact: Landline 01525 714442    Linda mobile: 07715 603 557   email:

Nigel mobile: 07722 297299  email: