A Message from Nigel

Hello everyone

We hope you have had a good week and are keeping well, despite the prolonged social distancing measures.  How are you coping?  Do you find it restful being at home, or are you climbing the walls and longing to get out and about again?  

We find ourselves longing to meet you all again, and look forward to the 8pm Thursday evening NHS clap when we gather at respectful spacing outside our homes and join as community together to say thankyou to the NHS and key workers.  There is a unity in knowing that we are all in this together, called to look after ourselves and in so doing to look after those around us.  

It's wonderful to see the different community projects springing up for children, and for the community.  In Harlington, Covi the dinosaur has been very busy this week on the village site with the launch of his new book which includes wonderful art work sent in by the children.  In Toddington the Covid-19 support group is very busy, launching information about support services and making visors for the hospital.  People in the villages have been busy sewing uniform bags, making PPE uniforms and ear supports for our NHS staff.   Westoning Cares, Harlington Help, and Toddington Helping hands have been busy responding to requests for help. The Chequers in Westoning is providing free soup lunches once a week for people in the village who are self isolating. The Carpenter's Arms and Bistro 24, and The Chequers are running take away meal and delivery services.  The local shops and farm shops have offered excellent service to local people making sure they can get the food they need. And so, in this time of sadness and anxiety there are many seeds of growth, light and encouragement.  As we seek to lift a positive from each day, many people say how appreciative they are of the small things in life.. eg: the beauty of the bluebell woods, the clarity of the stars in the night sky, the freshness of the air we breathe, waking up each morning, and time to notice things which usually pass by unnoticed.  There are so many wonderful projects. Do please share with us your experiences.

This week, in our service we consider the Emmaus Road reading when the disciples discovered the stranger walking alongside them was the risen Jesus.  I wonder how many of you, have had a special moment of discovery this week?  Again, we'd love to hear of them.  Do please share with us if you would like to. 

Nigel and I pre-recorded a service again this week which is best reached by clicking on this link which is the link for Harlington church website:

http://www.harlingtonchurch.org/worship-services-2/this-sundays-service/   Please allow time for it to load. It is a big file.  (Robert has attached some guidance notes above).


It will also be uploaded to the churches Facebook sites, and to the different Church websites and A Church Near You site.  We have explored if it is possible to load the full service direct to each church websites but because of the complexity of transfer of such a large amount of film with slides etc, this is the easiest way to access the service. You will also find links to a lovely song, and also the Godly Play film.  NIcholas Hopton plays our hymns this week, and Robert has spent hours editing and uploading the film.  Thank you both Nicholas and Robert.

We encourage you to watch this You Tube 'Godly Play' film by Margaret from St Albans.  It has a lovely message for us all, whether a child or an adult.

A YouTube link to St Albans Diocese lovely ‘Godly Play’ film of the Emmaus Road which can speak into the hearts of us all, whether child or adult.


The words for this song are quite lovely and fit the theme of Communion for this week ‘Behold the Lamb’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACHPwx7EGQA

Prayer requests

If you feel able, could you please pray this week for David and Jim Wooliscroft who are brothers in different hospitals, but who both need our prayers.  Please also continue to pray for Ed's recovery. And this week, let us hold up our local businesses, our families, our communities, our NHS staff, emergency services and key workers and also our Government and scientists as they lead us in these difficult times.


We send our best wishes and love to you all. Link if you need to or if you'd like to and....

Let us know if you'd like to tune in to a zoom coffee and chat on Wednesday at 10.15am


Linda and Nigel