A message from Nigel

Hi Everyone,

We hope and pray you are keeping safe and well.

Just to let you know we shall be issuing a postcard to the village next week with contact numbers for villagers to ring if they need support. The Baptist Church is linking with us on this venture. The postcards will be with us by Monday Evening and Linda Little has offered to allocate cards to roads and deliver to distributors. Could you be a distributor for a road or two? Please let me know.


We are offering help in the card. But what help can we offer? Shopping, listening, phoning, praying,financially advising...? Can you offer help when needed? If so what exactly?

And is there anyone who would coordinate the help by assembling a list of helpers and capabilities and then responding when help is asked for? Please let us know.


Nigel met with Westoning Parisg Council earlier and they are looking to coordinate a directory of help on offer. They will issue a special edition of Westoning on Sunday next week and this will provide information on organisations prepared to help and it will give key numbers to phone if help needed. There will also be advice on avoiding fraud and tricksters. 


The church will be open for individual prayer from Tuesday at 10am for an hour and this will be repeated each day until further notice.  The church can be open at other times on request. Is there someone out there who would assemble a rota for opening and supervising the hour sessions where people can pray or bring prayer requests or light a candle? I have had volunteers who are willing to open and close the church and be there for an hour on occasions, but a coordinator would be good.


It has been suggested we pray for the nations, our village and one another, at 12 noon each day, showing our solidarity and trust in God. Could you do this,wherever you are at that time? Why not set the alarm on your phone? 

We pray for the couple marrying at Westoning Church today with just a handful of guests


Do look on line for updates and resources. westoningchurch.org.uk


Do go to the link below for a short sermon from Nicky Gumbel. Several of the points he makes really helped us.



We send you our love and prayers


Keep in touch and take care

Every blessing

Nigel and Linda


Nigel 01525 714442 nwashy2@gmail.com

Linda 01525 714442 revdtoddington@gmail.com