6th June 2021

Dear All,

We hope and pray that you are fit and well and have had a good week.  It has been wonderful weather for families to get out and about during half-term to enjoy the sunshine and good weather, and I know lots of families have enjoyed the opportunity to get together properly for the first time for months.  It has been so lovely to feel the sunshine and the longer days and there have been some spectacular sunsets in the villages.

On Friday, at Harlington we gave thanks for the life of Pearl Everett, organist, at her funeral, and later in the day, Linda was blessed to lead the marriage of Grace and Charlie at Toddington Church - both very special occasions despite the rain. It was also lovely to hear the clank and rattle of cans on the decorated car as the bride and groom drove away from the church.  The rain didn't dampen their happiness. 

Fortunately, the sunshine broke through again today which was ideal for people to get out and safely enjoy the countryside and ideal for the wedding and Nature Watch, both held at Harlington Church. Two wonderful occasions enjoyed by all present. 

Nature Watch at Harlington Church continues tomorrow (Sunday 3-6pm) and through the week (3-5pm) and again next weekend 3-6pm. Refreshments are served at the weekend. This is a lovely event for all age groups and especially families. All welcome.

Todays's Church Services within the Quintet are:


Harlington BCP Holy Communion at 8.00am led by Linda 

Holy Communion at 9.30am led by Linda and Robert

Chalgrave Morning Praise at 9.30am led by Rev Roger Wood

Tingrith Holy Communion at 9.30am led by Nigel and Jon

Toddington Morning Praise at 11am led by Rev Roger Wood.

Westoning Holy Communion at 11am led by Nigel, Jon and Jenna

Services and events this week:

Monday 7th June - Morning Prayer at Toddington at 9.30am

Susan Wynn's Funeral at Westoning at 2pm

Tuesday 8th June - NB no Morning Prayer Zoom Service this week.

Wednesday 9th June- Holy Communion at Harlington at 10am. All Welcome

Friday 11th June Judith Goodman's Funeral at Westoning at 11am. Little Stars at 1.15pm.

Sunday Services: 13th June

Harlington 9.30am Holy Communion

Chalgrave 9.30am Holy Communion

Toddington 11am Holy Communion

Westoning 9.30am Families Service and 11am Holy Communion (please book a place via Westoning Church website)

6pm The Upper Room online service 

With all good wishes

Linda and Nigel