Lou Fellingham at Woburn


If you’ve spent any time listening to Christian music, the chances are you’ve already heard Lou Fellingham sing.

It’s no secret that at her spiritual core Lou loves the church. It’s interwoven into every element of her worship leading and her family life. An active member of a church on the South Eastern Coast of England (Brighton), she regularly leads worship on a Sunday - an element of her life that continually inspires her to write music.

With a heart that longs for people to know God and his outrageous love, Lou is tireless in her pursuit to write and record powerful songs and to lead people in singing truth that lifts their heads and stirs their hearts. Co-writing with her husband Nathan and also many other great worship song writers, her critically acclaimed albums are packed with inspiring melodies wrapped around God exalting lyrics to remind us of who He is and who He has made us to be.

‘Ultimately we want the music we write to draw people to God. That by the power and presence of His Spirit people would have revelation of all that Jesus has done for us. That we can be restored to the Father. Worship is His gift to us. We’re made to worship our creator and He is worthy no matter what, but we find that as we give, we also receive.”

Lou has led worship at many different Christian conferences including Spring Harvest, Newday, Devoted and Women Walking with God as well as working alongside various charities including Care for the Family and World Vision on UK tours. Lou also regularly performs Christian concerts, with notable appearances at the Royal Albert Hall for ‘Prom Praise’ and also at Big Church Day Out.

Lou is releasing her 5th solo album in 2017 which will feature brand new songs written with friends across the world. The album is being recorded live with a full band and features special guest Chris Mclarney (Jesus Culture) and will be released through Integrity music on 7th April.

Embodying authenticity, spiritual integrity and communicating the power of the gospel has always been the anchor of her music, underpinning and emphasising her musical gifting.