201707 Monthly Poem


In the land of Oz, so we are told

A wizard once held sway,

Known and loved by all the folk

Until one fateful day.


A scarecrow yearned to have a brain

So he could think things through,

He needed to see the wizard

But whatever could he do?


Walking along a path one day

He heard an awful groan

A man of tin he their espied

Rusted to the bone.


The scarecrow looking saw a can

And poured oil on the joints,

It seems he thought that out himself

(At least that's the way it points!).


The tin man told the scarecrow

He wished he had a heart

“We'll go and see the wizard”,

Said the scarecrow at the start.


A mighty roar came from the trees

And a lion bounded out,

He saw those two and began to cry

You see, he had no 'clout'.


“I'm sorry”, said the lion

“I ought not behave like that,

The thing is I've no courage

I'm just a scaredy cat”.


They decided to journey onward

To find the magical man,

They said if anyone can help them

The wizard surely can.


Well, many adventures befell them,

The scarecrow was caught by some witches

Who took him to their castle

And started to unpick his stitches.


The lion then let out a mighty roar

And bounded into their den,

Putting the scarecrow on his back

He bounded out again.


Meanwhile the tin man was helping a maid

Whose market wares had been stolen

He'd spotted her at the side of the road

Her eyes all red and swollen.


He picked her up and cuddled her

She give him a hug and a kiss

He felt so strange, he didn't know why,

His heart gave a little miss.


On reaching the wizard they had a shock

He would not come out to meet them,

So in they burst demanding to see

The man who was such a gem.


The scarecrow thought something was fishy

And began to investigate

All he found was a box of tricks

Because the wizard was a fake.


The friends were most upset by now

When an angel appeared from the right,

“Don't fret”, she said, “you have been cured

You don't need this dreadful sight”.


“There are many folk who are not what they seem

And will lead you further astray,

But there is One who is looking on

And will guide you in the right way”.


“Remember scarecrow, you thought it was wrong

That the wizard would not appear,

You just used the brain you already had

So now you have nothing to fear.


“Tin man, you helped the little girl

It was not 'just luck' she was there,

You used your heart, it missed a beat,

To prove that you really care”.


“And lion, you are a soppy old puss

Of course you are brave and strong,

You rushed to the aid of your dear old friend

And righted a dreadful wrong”.


“Forget those awful 'I can't do's'

Don't turn to some old quack,

The Master of the World is there

To put you on the track”.


So, all the talents that you need

You have right there, inside,

And if you still need any help

Then just in Him confide.


Look to the rainbow, but not the end,

A pot of gold's not there,

The rainbow promises life's rich things

That's God's blessings and His care.



Paul Scrivener

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