201706 Monthly Poem



He had a choice of materials to fashion into shapes

Some were solid rock and the surface hard to scrape,

Others were so crumbly a design would change at will

Red or white or even grey, He used them all with skill.


He fashioned blocks in different forms, some looked like a face

Some were like a lions mane which did not seem out of place,

They were seen deep down in valleys and on the top of hills

And down along the coast line where winter winds blow chill.


People came and looked at them and took photos' by the score

And each and every one of them were amazed at what they saw,

They went away discussing them and many other riches

The one thing they forgot to ask ,was, who the artist is.


That artist is so clever, He also uses paint,

He can colour up the sunrise over cottages so quaint,

The leaves of trees are not just green, they all have different shades,

And bluebells look a picture on the floor of woodland glades.


Rosy apples. yellow daffs, clematis blue or white

Purple heather, strawberry red and cherry blossom bright,

His eye for colour is unique, people stand and stare

How does He do it? : Do they ask – no, they do not care.


The Creator of all these wonders has got used to fickle man

But still gives us these pleasure as round the world we scan,

Enjoy the mountains and the sand, the harebell and the tree,

But, give a thought for the artist, God's given them us for free.


Paul Scrivener




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