201705 Monthly Poem



Beware as you walk along the path

There a danger in each foot fall

Scattered about there are many stones

Try to avoid them all,

The represent the stumbling blocks

Which hurt us if we fall.


Sometimes we see those awkward stones

But look only for the trouble

We fail to see the onward path

And live life in a bubble

If only we looked with wider vision

We'd clear away the rubble.


It is tragic to see how honest folk

Will bend and pick up stones

They get weighed down with guilt and fear

The weight is surely known

They carry their burdens upon bent backs

And loudly do they moan.


Of course, it's every schoolboy's dream

To kick a stone about

They kick it hard towards the glass

Then hear an angry shout

It's far too late, the damage done

To them there is no doubt.


Join the rabble and make your point

Pick up a stone and throw

It might hit authority and it will hurt

As it strikes a mighty blow

The targets are the vulnerable

And soon the blood will flow.


Some collect the various stones

And buildings they erect

But come the earthquake and the flood

They have no great effect

There work is soon in ruins

It's not what they expect.


So stones are used in various ways

But one stone proved the best

That stone was placed across a tomb

To move it was man's test

Man could not move the stone away

But the tomb had lost its guest.


God sent His Angel to move the stone

How he did it no one knows

But what we know is Christ arose

The empty tomb's on show

The Angel rests upon the stone

For winds of change now blow.


Paul Scrivener

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