Monthly Poem




Now my dears, I have such a tale

It almost makes me blush,

You see I wanted some better grass

And found a patch so lush.


I did not want the rest to see

So I went when no one looked,

O! it was a lovely patch

With daisies – I was hooked.


It was down a little slope

So easy to descend,

I felt a little guilty

For I should have asked my friend.


The grass was sweet, I had my fill,

And settled for a rest

When I woke the sun had set

Disappeared in the west.


Now it was getting dark and I

Had to climb back to the flock

But O! My dears that slope was steep

And gave me quite a shock.


There was no other word for it

I was well and truly 'caught',

So I started bleating loud

My nerves became so fraught.


I was making such a noise

I did not hear him come,

Suddenly a man stood there

And I became struck dumb.


Well, the man he was my shepherd

And to my rescue came,

Never did he say a word

About my time of shame.


You know, I often think of this

My shepherd was so good,

I compare him to another

And a cross of wood.



Paul Scrivener