Monthly Poem




'Harvest Festival',  'July 31st'

The notice made me wonder if this was a first,

Harvest? July? How can that be

Some kids have changed it, now hiding with glee.


“No, tha's roight” the old boy had said,

“We only grows corn and tha's orl in the shed,

We tek in the las' sack for the Parson ter bless

'cos we've got ter thank God for a good harvest”.


You know, us 'townies' have so much to learn

We thank God on set days from which we darn't turn,

I wonder what would have happened in old

If the wise men had gone later because it was cold!


God's bounty extends through days, weeks and years

October's traditional but will changes bring fears?

We ought not put off our praises and slacken

But thank Him each day when His blessings do happen.




Paul Scrivener