Monthly Poem



The wind howls through the riggings

And yachts bob in the harbour

Waves crash against the sea wall

Foolhardy youths dodge the mighty waves

Autumn has arrived


The sea looks glacial grey

It broods in its inky depths

Much colder and the ice will form

Snow already covers the beach

Winter has arrived


Everything looks brighter now

A stiff breeze rattles the rigging

And flags stand out horizontal

The sky is blue but there is little warmth

Springtime has arrived


The beach is alive with laughing children

And the sea temps the unwary in to swim

Yachts are sailing from the harbour

Their white sails catching the limited breeze

Summer has arrived


The sea, a changing, challenging force

The beach, altering position with each tide

The wind and rain and ice and snow

The sun, attracting all and sundry

Seasons come and go







Paul Scrivener