Monthly Poem




The very first bird sang the very first song

But man was not there to hear the first song of the bird


when man came along and heard the song of the first bird

he hollowed a reed and blew a note to copy the song of the bird


He hollowed a larger reed and made louder sounds, and beating

out a rhythm he drowned out the song of the bird


Man became clever and build large machines in large buildings

which made loud noises and  the workers inside were deafened

so when they went home they could not hear the song of the bird


Next man stopped using horses and put the power of the horse

into metal boxes with wheels which emitted fumes and chocked the

song of the bird


People walked round looking down on the ground talking into

a box and they wore headphones so they could listen

to a voice but could not hear the song of the bird


Man watched the bird and started to fly like the bird spreading more

fumes so that people stayed indoors and did not go out to hear the bird


Planes jettisoned fuel soaking the air.

The bird was soaked in the oil and could only squeak

and as everyone knows oil stops a squeak


So the very last bird sang the very last song and nobody heard