Westoning News Update

Prayers. Please add to your prayer list Paul Hibbert who is very poorly and Mary and the family who are caring for him. Also pray for Don and Rita Ireson. Please pray for Betty L who has CV19. Also pray for others in lockdown at home or in Nursing Homes.

Westoning Cares sees us linking with Westoning Council and other Westoning organisations in supporting any who may be in need in the village. A team of volunteers has been assembled and Jane Steer is coordinating responses. Recently requests have been low but there are regular shopping expeditions and pharmacy visits for those in lockdown and liaison with the Village Shop has been important. Liaison continues with the shop as it is now shut. There have been soup runs thanks to the Chequers’ kind offer to provide Soup lunches for up to 50 in the village. Attention is now being given to how in the next few months we can best support those with mental health or financial issues.

Zoom Links are increasingly popular and a couple of groups meet this way and Nigel hosts a session each Wednesday at 10.15am. Say if you’d like an invite.

A Service on Sunday is available each week. Do tune in via Facebook or the webpage (westoningchurch.org.uk). The service normally lasts about 30 minutes and some are preparing for the service by lighting a candle and having bread and wine to share. A service copy is available for those who do not have email.

The Website will soon be managed by someone new. Daisy Copperwheat has done an excellent job but now with the lockdown she has 2 boys at home to educate and she is pregnant so she is passing the job on to someone new. We thank her for all that she has done and wish her well in the months ahead.

Facebook. Our new Church Facebook is receiving lots of attention. One post last week reached 348 people with an impressive 244 engagements. This is a medium for us to promote what we are doing. People are interested so please forward items you think we could post and do visit the site yourself.

Parish News. If you have Parish News which others might like to read please pass to me before Saturday each week.