Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus   by Nabeel Qureshi   A Devout Muslim's Journey to Christ

Wow what a book!

It follows the faith of Nabeel Qureshi as it changed from being a devout Moslem to his conversion to Christianity and the price of following Jesus Christ his Saviour. He starts off as defending Islam, "Peace", but finally cannot reconcile the Islam he has been taught with the deeper writings.

It is extremely emotional, I confess I was in tears by the time I got to the end.

David Dalman

Wonderland Creek  by Lynn Austin      From broken dreams to real-life love beyond her imagining

I found this book easy to read, at times I didn't want to put it down. It's amazing how you relate to times in your own life how God has worked for you. When at the times you didn't understand and then as time goes on you see the full picture how God has brought you to were you are now and it is for your own good.

Irene Dickens

Book Review by Margaret Lim- The Fate of Kings by Mark Stibbe

Set in the time of the French Revolution, an English vicar in the town of Deal, Kent, sets out to rescue his French parents-in-law, who are in hiding in France. As he embarks on this highly dangerous mission , with God as his guide and protector, he discovers a plot to overthrow the British monarchy. Inevitably he becomes involved in the exposing and prevention of this plot.

This is story filled with adventure, excitement and intrigue.It gripped me from page 1!